EU TACSO 3 project provides flexible and targeted support to address the on-going needs of CSOs, networks, NRCs, EUDs etc. in Western Balkans and Turkey in the framework of its People-to-People (P2P) Programme.

The P2P Programme aims to enable organisation of regional or sub-regional events and promote follow-ups at national level to disseminate information and experiences to as many CSOs as possible.

P2P On-demand is an on-line tool that allows access to ad-hoc support for EU TACSO 3 project beneficiaries for the organisation of events/activities. The On-demand tool does not include direct support through a grant but is a mechanism to allow both technical and financial support to the requested events/activities, following an application approval, in amount: up to 4.000 EUR for local events, and up to 15.000 EUR for regional.

The types of activities are listed in the request form below. The application process consists of two steps on-line process:

  1. Preliminary application screening (Step 1);
  2. Full application submission and decision-making (Step 2).

Each request will be reviewed. You may be contacted for more details or clarifications. Each applicant will be notified by email, both on preliminary screening results and (if successful) full application decision.

To apply for the P2P On-demand support, please fill in the Preliminary application form.